Boral Plasterboard is the ideal dry-wall lining material for your walls and ceilings with significant properties of fire resistance, durability and stability. Without the drawbacks of wet-trades, it is installed quickly, simply and economically.

  • DiY Project Solutions for Australia only

Project Sheet 1 - Repairing Holes, Cracks in Plasterboard Walls 

Project Sheet 2 - Building an Archway

Project Sheet 3 - Repairing an Old Plaster Ceiling                    

Project Sheet 4 - Covering a doorway

Project Sheet 5 - How to put up a Ceiling Rose                        

Project Sheet 6 - Jointing & Finishing

Project Sheet 7 - Installing Cornice                                        

Project Sheet 8 - Upgrade an older room with ClassiCove Cornice

Project Sheet 9 - Taking on an entire room 


  • Decorative products 

The ClassiCove Cornice Family - ClassiCove Cairo, Sydney Cove & New York Cove  

Dezigner Ceiling Panels


  • Fire Rated Systems

FireCLAD Fire rated exterior walls for industrial buildings

OutRwall – Exterior Wall Systems For Residential

PartiWall Separating walls for attached dwellings


  • Plasterboard Systems Selector

Selector Plasterboard Systems


  • Non Fire Rated Systems 

Impactstop™ - Impact Resistant Plasterboard



  • Technical Manuals

Plasterboard Product Manual

Plasterboard Installation Manual


  • Sustainability

ENVIRO Plasterboard